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Why Amazon Coupon Websites Are Essential to Book Marketing

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Amazon Coupon Websites (seriously!) Is Where Book Marketing is At.

The only thing more difficult than writing your book is marketing. Any tips that can help get you over the top? Here’s what we found: Amazon coupon websites.

Amazon is insanely popular. And people love coupons. Hundreds of thousands of people visit these coupon website each day, looking for deals on Amazon products. What if you decide to release an exclusive coupon for your book and get these coupon sites to list your coupon on their list?

The results are massive. People will try anything if they think they’re getting a deal I mean just click here to see all the deals available from another major online retailer: Ebay. And, honestly, they are getting a deal. But the lack of royalty payments from these books leads to more readers who might join your email list, buy other books in your series, etc.

Which sites to visit? This site was the quickest to respond to my requests:

Amazon Book Coupon Code

An hour after I sent an email, my coupon was on their list. It wasn’t at the top, because it’s not a site-wide coupon code. But it garnered enough traffic to push my book to the top 3 of my category (and stayed there!).

Here’s some more book marketing tips and tricks that we’ve picked up over the years.

How to Market Your E-Book for Free

With self-publishing on the rise and exponential increases expected in the future, achieving the previously laborious goal of becoming an author has now become commonplace. But, as the hurdles have lowered, the marketplace for e-books has become saturated, placing greater emphasis on publicity and marketing in order for your book to be successful. In today’s modern times, it is likely for a new savant author to go undiscovered without surefire marketing techniques. Don’t let your e-book sink to the bottom of the pile, or search results, as the case may be.

Free Versus Paid Book Marketing

It’s fact that marketing your e-book is essential to its success, but is there a difference between paid and free marketing techniques? Does one justifiably beat out the other? The answer is surprisingly, no. Free e-book marketing is not inferior to paid marketing. Both can produce results, but one is, well, free. And for a new author or one who is financially cautious, choosing the free e-book marketing path is a sound decision.

Types of Free E-Book Marketing

When it comes to free e-book marketing, there are three main techniques: book blogs, giveaways, and free promotions. Of course, there are many other creative alternatives, but these are the tried and true methods.

Book Blogs

Book blogs are one of the best ways to market your book (paid or otherwise) because it gets your name and title in front of a large audience that is voracious for your talent. The process works like this: you submit a review request to the book blogger, they decide to accept your book, you send them a free version in their preferred format, they read and review your book, they post their review on their blog and social media. Voila! Your title is now being seen by thousands of people, for free. The beauty of book bloggers is that they benefit as much as you do from the trade. They get a free, awesome book to talk about to their audience and you get free exposure. It’s a win-win situation.

Given that not all book bloggers will accept your book, submitting to multiple blogs at the same time is encouraged. Find book bloggers by googling your category plus “book blog.” Another method is to search for bloggers on Goodreads, a bibliophile site.


Giveaways are another free e-book marketing technique that garners great success. These can come in a variety of formats, such as free download days on Kindle or offering individual free copies to specific people. The more people you can get your e-book in front of, the more sales and success you will eventually gain. And, everyone loves a free book!

By and large, the free download days on Kindle is the greatest free marketing technique available. Especially if your e-book has 5 to 10 reviews, your exposure and downloads on the free days will be substantial, resulting in even more exposure through search results. A book that is being downloaded a lot (whether it’s free or not) will be recommended more, seen more, and downloaded more. It is cyclical success.

Free Promotion Sites

The third free e-book marketing technique is free promotions, which often pairs with free downloads. There is a myriad of sites that offer free promotion for e-books at no cost. Prior to your free download day, submit your e-book information and scheduled free download day to all of these sites and they will promote your deal for free. This can add up to an expansive audience that would have never seen your book otherwise. Of course, the names of these sites are ever-changing so it’s best to simply search “free book promotion sites” and discover a plethora of options.

Marketing your e-book is critical to your book’s success, but it doesn’t have to come at a cost. These free marketing techniques are effective and savvy.