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Book Covers

Use an iStock Promo Code For a Quality Book Cover

Book Covers Don’t Have To Break Your Bank, Thanks to an iStock Promo Code. Take it from me: book covers have broken the budget of many author’s bank accounts. Because you are hiring someone to create a piece of art for your work, the legal rights can get messy. And if you don’t have an upfront agreement ahead of time, it can lead to legal troubles. Your book can be dead before it even leaves the ground. But one avenue you may not have considered is iStock (sometimes called ‘iStockphoto’). These images are created by artists and photographers from all over the world and offer them on the site for purchase. The legal agreements on iStockphoto are cut and dry, meaning you can use the photos for (nearly) anything you want after you pay the fee. And you can even use an iStock coupon code to make it even more budget friendly. We used one from this website that took 20% off the cost of our book cover. The result? Full ownership of an amazing…