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Why Amazon Coupon Websites Are Essential to Book Marketing

Amazon Coupon Websites (seriously!) Is Where Book Marketing is At. The only thing more difficult than writing your book is marketing. Any tips that can help get you over the top? Here’s what we found: Amazon coupon websites. Amazon is insanely popular. And people love coupons. Hundreds of thousands of people visit these coupon website each day, looking for deals on Amazon products. What if you decide to release an exclusive coupon for your book and get these coupon sites to list your coupon on their list? The results are massive. People will try anything if they think they’re getting a deal I mean just click here to see all the deals available from another major online retailer: Ebay. And, honestly, they are getting a deal. But the lack of royalty payments from these books leads to more readers who might join your email list, buy other books in your series, etc. Which sites to visit? This site was the quickest to respond to my requests: Amazon Book Coupon Code An hour after I sent…