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Books Like Where The Crawdads Sing

If you recently finished Where the Crawdads Sing, might now be wondering what to do with your life. You could start learning to crochet (and use a coupon code if you do), or you could start another book! If you loved Where the Crawdads Sing, and fair enough it’s a great book, here are some other titles that you might enjoy. If You Liked the Setting I don’t know that any other book goes into the level of detail on the flora and fauna of the North Carolina marshlands as Where the Crawdads Sing does, but if you enjoyed the setting here are some other books that take place in the same area. Outer Banks by Anne Rivers Siddon As the name would suggest, Outer Banks is set in the region of the same name in North Carolina that is famous for its marshlands and barrier islands. This book also weaves together two different timelines to reveal critical information and the truth of what really happened over the course of the book. The Sound of…
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Why Using Livingsocial Coupons Can Save You Hundreds On Books

Livingsocial Coupons = Great Savings for Bookworms LivingSocial is one of the most popular online sites that come up with daily deals. With the help of these deals one can buy a coupon and get some discounts and offers on the things purchased. If you love reading and buy books more often, then this website surely can be a great one for you. You can buy several books here at some great prices with the best deals. Thus, you will be able to save hundreds on books. It works in a very interesting way. Unlike many scams online, it is a legit way to grab some amazing discounts while you shop for your book.   What Types Of Books Are Available? It contains all types of books that can be found in retail stores. You can look for kid’s books, picture books, comic book or story books of your choice. You can definitely find a lot of varieties over here. While you purchase all these books at their printed price from the bookstores, you will…
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Use an iStock Promo Code For a Quality Book Cover

Book Covers Don’t Have To Break Your Bank, Thanks to an iStock Promo Code. Take it from me: book covers have broken the budget of many author’s bank accounts. Because you are hiring someone to create a piece of art for your work, the legal rights can get messy. And if you don’t have an upfront agreement ahead of time, it can lead to legal troubles. Your book can be dead before it even leaves the ground. But one avenue you may not have considered is iStock (sometimes called ‘iStockphoto’). These images are created by artists and photographers from all over the world and offer them on the site for purchase. The legal agreements on iStockphoto are cut and dry, meaning you can use the photos for (nearly) anything you want after you pay the fee. And you can even use an iStock coupon code to make it even more budget friendly. We used one from this website that took 20% off the cost of our book cover. The result? Full ownership of an amazing…
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What AbeBooks Coupon Codes and Apple Have in Common.

AbeBooks Coupons Are the Only Help a Student Can Get. We all know the textbook industry is designed to rob students of what’s left of their student loans and scholarships. $200 textbooks should probably be a crime, and maybe it will be someday. But for now, we can only try to help students any way we can. Abebooks offers used textbooks for a good discount, and if you use a money-saving discount code, you can save even more off the total cost of books that you purchase from their site. Here’s one resource we like: And since you can’t spend all your time studying, here are some coupons for CDKeys to get 5% off any order of games. One other unlikely savior in the textbook industry is Apple. Do they want to save you money on textbooks so that you spend it on their products instead? Apple Proves You Should Never Judge a Book by Its Cover On Thursday, January 19, Apple announced its entrance into the textbook industry. Since the introduction of…
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Why Amazon Coupon Websites Are Essential to Book Marketing

Amazon Coupon Websites (seriously!) Is Where Book Marketing is At. The only thing more difficult than writing your book is marketing. Any tips that can help get you over the top? Here’s what we found: Amazon coupon websites. Amazon is insanely popular. And people love coupons. Hundreds of thousands of people visit these coupon website each day, looking for deals on Amazon products. What if you decide to release an exclusive coupon for your book and get these coupon sites to list your coupon on their list? The results are massive. People will try anything if they think they’re getting a deal I mean just click here to see all the deals available from another major online retailer: Ebay. And, honestly, they are getting a deal. But the lack of royalty payments from these books leads to more readers who might join your email list, buy other books in your series, etc. Which sites to visit? This site was the quickest to respond to my requests: Amazon Book Coupon Code An hour after I sent…