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What AbeBooks Coupon Codes and Apple Have in Common.

AbeBooks Coupons Are the Only Help a Student Can Get. We all know the textbook industry is designed to rob students of what’s left of their student loans and scholarships. $200 textbooks should probably be a crime, and maybe it will be someday. But for now, we can only try to help students any way we can. Abebooks offers used textbooks for a good discount, and if you use a money-saving discount code, you can save even more off the total cost of books that you purchase from their site. Here’s one resource we like: www.discountdoggo.co.uk. And since you can’t spend all your time studying, here are some coupons for CDKeys to get 5% off any order of games. One other unlikely savior in the textbook industry is Apple. Do they want to save you money on textbooks so that you spend it on their products instead? Apple Proves You Should Never Judge a Book by Its Cover On Thursday, January 19, Apple announced its entrance into the textbook industry. Since the introduction of…